• Julie version of "red shoes" forthcoming

    Extracted from Angelina jolie red bottoms shoes  movie "sleeping demon" inspiration, and create high heels in Christian Louboutin store sales. Recently, the red carpet, the Hollywood actress Angelina jolie always wore Christian Louboutin tailored for her red bottom shoes for women "sleeping demon" version of the red shoes.

    Teacher through their sets said, the creation of this pair of shoes is inspired by Angelina jolie Hollywood red bottom shoes movie "sleeping demon" role. Fashion designers to authority website WWD said: with a have their own aesthetic view of people working together, it is very exciting. Fabrics is red and black patent leather high heels, will be on October 21, in the Christian Louboutin global stores accept reservations.cheap red bottom shoes  And official said, the shoes of the profits will be as a charity, donated to the SOS children, to help children who abandoned her family.

    Actually sleeping demon "in the film during the hit, jolie also cooperate with designer Stella McCartney,cheap red bottom shoes  launched a series of children's clothes, this series of children's clothing was branded a Maleficent (Angelina jolie's name in the movie), children's clothing is suitable for aged 4 to 14, according to men and women of different eight models to choose from. Price between $75 to $185. Stella McCartney said: I also grew up watching brucegmusic.com Disney movies, when have the opportunity to cooperate with Angelina, I'm really excited.

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