• The standard of a good pair of shoes

    Women want to be a high cold, it is very important to choose color, if you want to cool the red bottom shoes summer, white dress don't like it, so in deserve to act the role of fluctuation kongfu has become an important part of fashion collocation of a contradiction by white high heels may red bottom shoes for men change your mind, classical joker, relaxed and starting with the feet.

    Whether to go to work,red bottoms shoes go shopping or traveling, a pair of shoes to fit is particularly important, it can reduce wear and tear, foot to avoid cause other medical problems. Recently, the "Japanese economic news" published red bottom shoes for women expert advice, teach you how to choose shuangyou quality shoes.

    Japanese emperor Beijing university school of medicine affiliated hospital orthopedic surgeon printing south health pointed out that the shoes don't fit, cheap red bottom shoes after a long time can lead to thumb hallux valgus, toenail foot problems such as deformation, long corns, even can cause back pain and knee lesions, etc. Feet and walk in yokohama, director of the institute, a physical therapist GuCheng stressed that the shoes don't fit me will disturb the body center of gravity, lead to imbalance in the  brucegmusic.com body, the pace of disorder, is causing many body the crux of the problem.

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